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Child Abuse Survivors

Child abuse survivors have many things to live through. Not only do we have to survive the initial abuse, but we also have to endure the lasting effects. These effects can range from some occasional bad feelings to complete insanity. Most survivors have effects in the in-between range. Many survivors of all types of abuse have bad dreams, fear of objects or places or situations that other people don’t have. We as child abuse survivors also have left-over survivor defense mechanisms and coping skills, which will become more and more apparent and unnecessary as we grow older and which eventually become judgmental.


The healing process is long and hard, but in the end, it is worth it. The hardest part is letting go of those survival techniques which helped us to stay alive and sane during our abusive childhoods. However, once we are older and safe, we have to learn to let those parts of our behavior go. Once we are adults, they no longer help us, but rather keep us from forming close, trusting relationships with caring people.


Child abuse is one of the most commonly overlooked crimes. It is also the most commonly committed. Everyday more and more children are neglected, beaten, raped, touched, or mentally tortured. As you read this, one little girl is crying out in pain, one little boy is begging not to be touched “there” anymore. Right now, children are praying for someone to help them when they can’t help themselves, and we close our ears and avert our eyes.


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Fees vary from therapist to therapist. My standard fee is $180 - $220 per counseling hour. I also can work on a sliding scale on off-peak hours. I offer a free 30 minute consultation by phone or in-person. 

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