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Healing from Sexual Abuse

This problem is extremely difficult to work on alone. It is important to seek therapy with a therapist who has the training and expertise in this area. Participating in professionally led groups of people who also have been sexually abused can be an extremely powerful part of therapy. Sharing the secret with a group of people who have “been there” is powerful because of the mutual support. By not blaming others in the group for their sexual abuse, one can often learn to not blame



The goals in individual or group therapy involve understanding your anger you may have at your parents because they were not the parents you wanted them to be; learning to manage your anger in healthy ways; learning better self-care; giving up older, destructive ways of coping and developing newer and more empowering ways of coping. You can become aware of your own power as an adult and your ability to change.


Even learning to trust a therapist or group is a major accomplishment and a big part of healing. You can benefit most from therapy when you can trust your therapist. Are you comfortable with your therapist? Do you feel heard; does your therapist follow your lead? Do you feel your therapist is strong enough to hold your intense


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San Francisco, CA 


I have morning, day and evening hours available -- Tuesday through Saturday.

Fees vary from therapist to therapist. My standard fee is $180 - $220 per counseling hour. I also can work on a sliding scale on off-peak hours. I offer a free 30 minute consultation by phone or in-person. 

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